Well the first hang was Ok but not great hat CBS and then my bladder had to wake me up every 1.5 hrs grr. temp was 19 F was happy but felt I needed to correct before the February Hang.

Second test back to cold damp garage no heat no side door temp 18 F snowing had 5 " fall through night. added another knot 6" from existing knot on suspension per Adam stormcrow recommendations . I had also sewed my thin fleece walmart throw blanket throw like sleeping bag to a shape that sort of resembles a TQ so it fit in my 20 montbell 650 down fill bag I use as a TQ currently. I wore the same as the last test fleece baklava knit had poly wool long johns fleece top fleece sweatpants and single pair of wigwams 40 below wool socks. I did omit the face mask this time. I settled into the hammock at 9:30 pm with a little cbs so attached my piece of shock cord to middle side loop of UQ and tossed over hammock ridge line and clipped onto opposing loop, withing second cbs was gone. I slept like I never slept before the whole night other than once at 2 am to do nature call slept until 6 am when garbage truck pulled up to my garage and started compacting lol. probably could have fallen back to sleep , but honestly was refreshed from such a warm and comfortable night. I still feel I can get my setup down atleast another 10-15 . Now on another note I tried denatured alcohol instead of heet for my alcohol stove and same scenario left it out with water and was just as sluggish to light and preform as was the heet. So that being said will have to sleep with fuel to keep warm. February Hang here I come whooo Buddy !!!