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    To cool not to share

    Hey guys ....thought I would share this looks pretty good ...pretty bad I must be hooked into hammocking LOL That's the first thing I thought of .
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    Its a good idea,,,,why not help
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    Yeah. I was really excited about one of her first prototypes when I heard about it. The final version looks like crap though. They had to make so many changes to simplify it to the point where unskilled (homeless) workers could construct them.

    I've been thinking about making a wool coat like this minus the tyvek...

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    I should say that I think giving people a shelter option like this is awesome. Detroit is a wasteland. As close to Mad Max as I think we've seen in the US. I think the program is a little poorly managed though... Keep and hype the stylish design and you can have a buy one give one/two program (like OLPC), which can pay for skilled labor and/or training. I know I would be interested in a buy one/give one... but not if it looks like crap.

    Survivalism is the closest that most of us can come to having a super power. It's a shame that most of the people who really need this knowledge don't have it (or can't use it)... A coat you can sleep warm and dry in is a total no-brainer. Sure beats pushing a shopping cart full of poly tarp scraps, moldy Coleman sleeping bags, and blankets soaked in dog urine (a common scene in these parts).

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