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    JRB Quilt Liner

    I'm a hot sleeper and starting an AT thru early March which I think will probably put me N.VA and Mid Atlantic in June and July. I'm considering Just using the JRB fleece quilt liner for a couple of months. Any thoughts or comments?? Thanks

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    I used a fleece quilt in the past and was only good to the high 50s with the one I had. I have not seen theirs.
    I imagine you would be using a pad as well.
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    Yes sir, I'll definitely be using a pad as well.

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    I guess it would depend on which months!? March is winter time, so hopefully you will have warmer insulation!? I guess it would be ok in the summer months, but weight wise you would be better off with a down summer TQ (as well as pack space would be better) or even a synthetic summer weight TQ!
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    I'm just afraid of some of those top quilts being to hot. Any ones in particular you would recommend?

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