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    Anyone tried the E Bag or Sleepcell Bag or other memory foam sleeping bag?

    We hammock camp in the very moderate bay area. We're not hardcore hiker ultimate lightweight campers. We're more laze around and drink campers.

    I use an Eno Doublenest with the Eno Guardian Bugnet. Last year i used my Exped pad and it was plenty warm but sort of a pain to get situated properly. I am wondering about using one of these sleeping bags in lieu of the pad.

    Anyone had any experience with this? I can get them a lot cheaper than the Amazon price on ebay or through a memory foam manufacturer here in CA.

    Edited to add. I would really rather not buy an underquilt. I like to hang out in my hammock a lot during the day and believe I will get too hot if I don't remove the underquilt. Additionally I have read that they are sort of a pain to deal with in conjunction with the bug net, which I already own.
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    I'm not sure that one would need memory foam to be more comfortable in a hammock. The way the product description reads, it a fleece blanket with a ripstop shell on top with memory foam on the bottom. I'm not sure how well that type of foam will insulate versus a CCF pad.
    Have you tried using less air in your Exped? That can help it mold to the hammock shape better. Also, if you're not staying out in temps above 45 or so, you could also get by with just putting a folded fleece blanket under your sleeping bag.
    But then there are always underquilts..............

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    oh I am looking at it solely for the warmth, not the comfort. I will happily try the fleece blanket too (as we already have a bunch) thanks for the idea.

    ha! I added my bit about why I'd rather not get an underquilt before your reply.

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    yea my wife had one she left it in a hiker box at a shelter she said it was way to heavy. she got it wet first night out at a local campground and it took almost 2 hours in town at the dryer to get all of the water out of the bottom of that thing great for warmth but if you get it wet its really really heavy and takes forever to dry

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