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Target and walmart have 1" wide tie down straps in the auto section. Look at the lb rating. You want something around 1000 lbs. I bought a 4 pack of 15 foot long straps for about 12 dollars. I cut the metal hooks off with a dremel. You could use a hack saw if you have the time and the elbow grease. When you cut the hooks off, the straps already have loops in them. I use marlin spikes. For another type of suspension, you may need to add rings etc.
Make sure any straps are polyester and not nylon. You can also get 15' 1" tie-down straps (yellow) at HarborFreight for like $4, if you have one near by... of course, I go into HF with straps in mind and end up spending $75 anyway on stuff i really "NEED."

A surgeon's knot (double overhand knot) into a loop works fine. Cut the strap in half, add your loop and you've got about a 6' tree strap.

"suspension" refers to all the components to suspend your hammock between 2 trees. "Tree Strap", Hugger, etc. is one component of your suspension.

Speer's original suspension is just 2-15' lengths of strap, one tied to the hammock, the other you tie to 2 trees. A bit more work, as it's hard to adjust. There are MANY options. If you're going cheap, you can get long straps from backwoodsdaydreamer.com, arrowheadequipment.webs.com or many others here... Arrowhead will sew loops for you, as will Jacks are Better... I think Scott at BackwoodsDD will too...