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    I have 3 hammocks whipped with pull ties. Over 2 summers of 9 weeks straight each (son uses one @ scout camp) and no problems yet.


    Cool then, I do network cabling and have a whole truck full of wire ties. I might try that instead of rope.

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    I also failed to chime in earlier about fabric a wally world.My business takes my all NY, and I use WW as a pit stop.I currently own about 400yds. of ripstop. This is addition to the projects that I and my scout troop have completed over the past 2 years. Of this 500-550yds. total I have found 5.5 yds. of silnylon. I haven't been able to bring myself to cut it and use it. I have however made several tarps using ripstop and applying my own mix of sil-napalm.

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    Well, what I found the other day at the local fabric store may not have been "SilNylon". it may actually be just RipStop. I will be OK with that for a Hammock won't I? I guess if it needs sealing, I can seal it myself, right?

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    Aboslutely- and as soon as you sleep in it you will know how breatheable (or not!) it is and adjust accordingly. Hammocks generally have only hems, not seams, as most of us try to avoid putting a bunch of needle holes in a stress area- think perforated plastic...
    hope this helps, Betsy

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    Cable ties should work just fine. There's no real stress on the cable ties, they just hold the bunched or folded material together. As long as there is a hem on the end they, and the supsension cord, shouldn't be able to slide off.
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