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    Definitely more durable than the thin mylar stuff. UncleMJM turned me on to these.
    Amazon shows they are 12oz

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    I once had a fun night in Texas. Temps were in the mid-twenties.

    Sure wish I could remember her name ...
    "I go because it irons out the wrinkles in my soul." -- Sigurd Olson

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    To recap...

    Trek Light double hammock
    5-in-1 Jerry Chair
    SS undercover
    NASA space blanket draped over ridgeline
    CCF foot pad
    No top quilt or blanket of any kind
    No tarp
    No mosquito netting
    Wearing jeans, cotton socks, undershirt, and thin hoodie jacket.
    As of this very minute, temp gauge shows 27* in my backyard.

    Climbed in, adjusted everything just right, no blanket or top quilt, folded my arms across my chest, and lay there for about 30 minutes waiting for my body to adjust and lose heat.

    I have to say I'm pretty impressed with the 5-in-1 as my only insulation underneath me! Remember, I'm not using a top quilt and I'm wearing clothes that one ought NOT to wear...just to throw a monkey wrench into the machine.

    The NASA space blanket reflects a TON of heat back to me and/or keeps it from escaping. If you look at my setup picture a few replies up, you'll notice that it doesn't actually totally cover from end-to-end. There are gaps for air to circulate at my head and my toes.

    The tiny CCF pad at my feet is enough to keep them comfortable. I could sleep like this at the current temp. I'd be comfortable, but I'd be toasty with a top quilt.

    It felt pretty warm underneath me and the SS undercover cuts the wind. It's blowing pretty good where I live and I'm not sure what the wind chill is, but I do know that a key to this system's success is the ability to keep that wind off me.

    Again, it's great to know that I would be comfortable like this. I didn't shiver and didn't get any cold spots. I would be VERY toasty with some sort of blanket or top quilt.

    Wonder how low I could go if I put on my AHE XL New River?

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    Low for me was only 27 degrees.
    I was warm and comfy.
    Was expecting lower, but there is always today!
    Snow in Houston is forecasted.

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    Y'all feel free to post individual reports. It'll make them much easier to find during a search if they are broken out. I think the OP only got one post in (the first one).

    "Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities."
    - Mark Twain
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    - John Burroughs

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