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    Hi to all from Poland

    I became a hanger two years ago. After watching some You Tube video I made my first hammock and loved it. Now I would dread to use one like that for longer than five minutes, it was so bad. Some poor soul who posted that how to video certainly didn't come across this forum. In a few months of browsing round this site I learned a lot. I even registered but never came round to posting. Since then hammock has been my only camping option and I sleep in my self-made cotton heaven at home more often than in my bed.
    I have passion for experimenting and hammocking is a lovely field of exploration. I developed a bad habit of turning everything flat into a hammock just with two pieces of any suitable cord.
    From thin nylon fabric to thick winter duvets I've tested the lot.
    Don't get me wrong. There is certainly plenty I could learn and I will but there is also some stuff I could share.
    People interested in extreme light set ups, rock climbing and survival might like some of my concepts for sure.
    I'll post again when I get back home in three weeks.
    For now here are some pics from my stealth camp last summer when I was waiting for a friend to fly in and give her a ride back to Poland.
    Taken 150 meters from London Heathrow airport perimeter fence
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