I was investigating rain wraps today as I'm interested in a leg solution for the weather, but don't want rain pants due to weight/too hot. I found 2 great solutions online. the ula rain wrap and the cloudkilt by zpacks. However, in the lightweight mentality I began to think about DIY solutions and it hit me!

"I can use my Grizz beak as a rain wrap/kilt!"

-I took the beak and folded the 2 triangle pieces together to make 1 triangle.
-Put the short end of the triangle in the middle of my front legs.
-Pass each end around behind my back and rejoin them in the front.
-Pass the end with 1 loop through the end with 2 loops - use a small piece of cord to tie it secure
-Roll the top down a little until it sits on my hips.

I haven't done any hiking with this yet, so who knows if it will stay secure or be falling down all over the place or what. I will have to investigate it further and let people know.I will post some pictures later...