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    Newbie advice for motorcycling

    Hello all! I'm about to get into road tripping this summer with camping along the way. I went through the newbie setups thread and it looks like the WBBB and JRB cat tarp will work for me. But, it looks like I still need a top and bottom insulation answer. I don't have *any* gear right now.

    I'll only be camping in the 4-6 warmer months of the year, so I don't think I'll need an under quilt. I'm getting the double WBBB and I see it recommended to use a foam pad, but I'd like something that compresses or folds really well and not just rolls up like a mat. Weight won't be so much an issue as compression size since I'd like to cram as much into my saddle bags as possible.

    Same would apply for a blanket, top quilt whatever.

    Also, is there a need for a pillow in a WBBB? Any advice or links are much appreciated!

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    I ride bike a lot motorcycles a lot and camp off of it. I have one of Leigh's three season underquilt and a golite three season topquilt. They both pack really small.

    I had all my stuff for a long weekend on the bike in this pic.

    This was a trip that was a little over a week also camping every night. I took too much with me. BTW, this one was in Oct. so I had to have plenty of clothes riding.

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    My DIY hammock with underquilt at a campground surrounded by silly ground dwellers.

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    When I was using pads I had good luck in mild weather with a Thermarest ProLite pad partially inflated.
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    In the attached pic of my bike loaded down to go to Sturgis last year I had my hammock, bugnet, tarp, underquilt and top quilt all loaded in the saddlebag. It was a 1500 mile trip and I never did get to use my hammock. It can be done.
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    I would get the Big Agnis isolated air core and just not blow it up and it gets down into a small package as well

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    Quote Originally Posted by GodfatherofSoul View Post
    I'll only be camping in the 4-6 warmer months of the year, so I don't think I'll need an under quilt.

    Weight won't be so much an issue as compression size since I'd like to cram as much into my saddle bags as possible.

    Also, is there a need for a pillow in a WBBB?
    1- Get your hammock and tarp then try them in your backyard to see what works best for you. If you are like me the pad system will be gone for a UQ soon after you actually try them. You will need insulation at some point in your trips.

    2-You will want a 3/4 down UQ and a down TQ for compression. I'd recommend you lay out all you want to bring on the bike and then put half of it back. Do that twice if you are on the heavy packer side of life.

    3-I will use a stuff sack with clothing in it for a pillow. I am backyard testing now for trips this Spring/Summer/Fall and a house pillow is nice (but not on the road). It will be attached to the hammock ridgeline with a biner to a prussik knot.
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    I don't know where you'll be camping, but if you're going to be in the south most of the time during the summer you won't need much insulation. For chilly nights a down blanket or a sleeping bag would probably do. I've never used an UQ but you can find some pads that roll up pretty tight and they are very easy to less thing to hang (less cord too)...but listen to others more then me, I'm not a vet at this at all.
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    I ride a lot. I do a few big trips a year. Some as much as 3000 miles. I have a lot of kit. Most tailored to season. I have found, even in summer, a UQ is nice to have. For summer I have a 2 layer IX UQ from MacEntyre. Check them out at tree to trail gear. They are not too expensive, and do not take up a lot of space. Easy to set up, and the thing just works. For top insulation I have been using a 3 season barrel sleeping bag opened up and draped like a blanket. That will be changing soon, as I am getting an IX TQ from one of the other members here.

    For colder weather, I have a JRB Mt Washington 3. If I am going to be expecting weather below the low thirties, that is the one I will take.

    All said, they don't take up too much space. I cannot wait until the new TQ gets here, as that will reduce the volume considerably. While a 3/4 length pad will work, the UQ is a lot more comfortable, and if you are going to be on the bike, and camping for a week or more, it will make a BIG difference.

    When on a bike, keep in mind that while weight is not as important, you want to save volume. Don't take a lot of clothes, take freeze dried food when you can. Have fun riding.

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    Welcome to the world of Hammocking. Brownie points to you for doing it off your bike. As you can see there are a few of us on here that do the same thing.

    In the hammock world the first thing to feel the cold is your back as you lay in the hammock. This is due to their being no insulation (like a sleeping pad when sleeping on the ground) between your back and the cool night air other than a thin piece or two of hammock nylon. The added downside to hammocks is that cool night air is freely flowing and constantly taking away the heat your back is producing (in contrast to tent camping where your back is on the ground and air is not flowing freely taking the heat). Soooo you wanna get some insulation there to protect your back from the cold. Two methods for this are pads or underquilts.

    I've used both and both work. If you have a pad start with that to get your feet wet. Pads don't generally pack as small as an underquilt (though the Neo Air pad packs tiny). Here's a pad on the rear of my bike.

    Its in the green bag and while light takes up a lot of space. The hammock and tarp are packed inside my main bag on the bike Thats why Underquilts are nice, they pack small and are thought to be more comfortable than pads by many people.

    Here is my Warbonnet Blackbird, Edge tap, and 2/3 down underquilt packed into a compression sack.

    This is nice and small, about 9" X 8" and fits into my main bag nicely. Now my loads on the bike are are this size. Much easier to swing a leg over the bike without that bulky pad on the back.

    My trips are anywhere from a couple days to one month long and my packed load is the same no matter the duration.

    You camping temps will dictate what other insulation you pack. Other than the underquilt or pad I use a sleeping bag liner and dress in my spare clothes for warmth in the hammock (long pants, thermal top, socks, hat, etc.). My temps don't get below 50 generally.

    Others posters have come up with great suggestions, like using any clothes for pillows, down top and bottom quilts pack small, etc. If you have any camping gear use it in the beginning to get a feel for what you liked/disliked and then fine tune from there. I don't use a pillow in my WBBB or Hennessey as I'm wearing all my clothes and my head is generally higher than my feet so have found I don't have a great need for one, however YMMV.

    Ooops, almost forgot the obligatory hammock and bike shot. Here ya go.

    Best of luck with your road tripping.

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