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    Blackbird and New River KAQ test last night

    Well, I finally had a cold night since my new River UQ cam in some time back, so I wanted to give it a test. As luck would have it, my Warbonnet Blackbird also arrived this week, so got to test them both. I didn't get a chance to put everything up until almost 10PM, so did not have the chance to tweek things in the daylight, until the next morning. I also got my first hang under my new AHE Shangri La tarp, so that was nice as well. All went quite nice, the New River kept me nice and warm, it got down to 34 by 3AM, and I went in because the Eureka 30* sleeping bag I was testing was not quite as warm as I liked, so rather than going in and getting the 15* bag, I called it quits for the night. All in all I am very pleased with the tarp, UQ and hammock. The footbox is a different beast than I am accustom to, transitioning from the Skeeter Beeter Pro, but I will adjust to that just fine. Tarp give plenty of coverage and the UQ keeps the backside nice and warm. Also, my DIY tarp ridge line and tarp tensioners worked out well. Can't wait to hang out in the "piney woods" and give things a real test. A few pics below.
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