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Thread: Hanging rope?

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    Hanging rope?

    Which rope to use between the caribiner attached to the webbing of the tree and the hammock itself? Which one to use. I am looking at this:

    Is that heavy duty enough?

    Oh yeah, THANKS!!!

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    Kinda thick. I really don't understand how it will be used though. I was trying to think of other ways to attach without such a think rope.

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    I will use this rope to tied to the hammock behind the whipping then up to the webbing around the tree. The rope and the webbing will be attached with a climbing grade caribiner. They have much smaller diameters of this type rope.

    Like this:

    or this:

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    Ok, that makes sense now. I would think the 5mm should work. A lot of people on here will suggest the higher tech lines from the sailing website.
    They look to be close to the same price as what you are looking for. Others can give you a better number, but on my setup nothing is rated below 1,000 lbs. Quite a few lines on that site are above 1k and less than 4 mm.

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    I have some very nice 3mm Vectran left that I used to use on my sailboat. Breaking strength is 1900 pounds. Extremely low stretch as well and doesn't absorb water. It is a little spend though, or it was when I last bought some at $0.80/ft. I should have just enough left over for my hammock project.

    - JT

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