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    Yeah, I would love to have advice on tree strap length, etc! Maybe a combination of tree straps and extenders like continuous loops? Anyone?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hangman View Post
    I'm using my HH set up that I thru hiked the AT with. What would you suggest for strap lenght on the JMT? Or combnnation of staps ect.
    I have whoopies and straps, have had to extend the strap using a continuous loop - try to plan for trees 10-15 feet around. Some of the trees are bigger than that, but you can find something usable with that much play in the tree strap.

    This pic is from when I still had the stock 15 footers on my Blackbird. I had to hang sometimes so that there was maybe a foot of strap between the hammock and the tree - I switched to whoopies and use the stock straps as tree huggers now. I cut them to a couple different lengths for different trips.
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