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    hh bula using a dd underquilt?

    does anyone know if this will work...about the same price as the ss but the dd website says their uq is good well below freezing. Just a thought.
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    on the same lines another thought just hit me could you use the quilt to sleep under....or for that matter any uq...kinda like a sleeping bag just on top
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    ill take that as a big fat no....or no one knows.....anyways does anyone know if you can get the undercover set-up without the overcover from the hh or anyplace else??
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    You've should check out either Festus Hagen or BlazeAway, i know they both have experience with the DD UQ in cold weather.
    It's bulky and and a bit heavy but from what i heard it's excellent value for the money.

    If you order the undercover you get the foam pad and undercover(they make up the supershelter) the overcover is bought on the side
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