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    Smile Walmart Pad Questions?

    Hello forum,

    First off i want to say that i HAVE read all of the threads on the walmart pad. I just have a few questions:

    1. People say this pad is extremely uncomfortable. How bad could it be?
    2. If you are an experienced hammocker, would you still use this pad and not fork out hundreds of dollars for an underquilt, even if it was a little uncomfortable?

    I have heard people say the REI pad is WAY more comfortable and has the same insulating qualities as the Walmart pad. So, comfort wise, i would consider getting this instead. Thoughts? People claim the WM Pad goes down to NINE degrees with two pads. I find that amazing for the price! It's almost too good to be true. I have a Coleman Inflatable, and i don't seem to slide off of it as much, so i expect the Walmart pad to be somewhat similar. Any additional information about this pad is welcomed and appreciated. I cant get enough information about it!



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    I have a wally pad, They are very warm for the price, yet condensation comes into the factor and interference of the comfortable hammock lay.. I don't like it.. Sooo I saved up for an uq.. and currently living happily ever after....
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    Its definately a condensation issue rather than padding issue. A Ridgerest, for example is a closed cell foam pad while a pad like you are speaking of is more of a plastic type pad. Its splitting hairs, but its the issue that you will feel clamy if there is not enough moisture this is all my thinking....others and you may be just fine. Even with the "truckers solar shade" there is an issue with moisture.

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    Is there such a thing as cheap underquilts? I can't imagine paying more than double of what I payed for the hammock. Sigh.

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    WM pad

    Speaking for the corregated (egg crate) WM pad here, NOT the 'stiff' one WM sells.

    I used spray contact glue to attach 1/4" poly batting to one side of the blue pad, and cut it down to a mummy shape, 22" x 14" x 70" long. Another piece of mylar SB is sewn between two layers of insultex, and, cut the same shape. These layers are all inside a slip cover (same shape) with tabs at each corner which mate with the loops IN EACH corner inside of my sleeping bag. No condensation. Just the poly batting alone would absorb condensation. (prototype tested) Incidently, the less "quilting" through layers of insultex, the better. It gets stiff, like a 'pot holder' when layers are quilted through. Just sewn around the edges works best.

    I have used just this pad system into the teens, but, it seems like it would go a lot lower. Have also used it in conjunction with my UQ to below zero, and was sooooo warm. Just can't give that down UQ though ! The WM pad is a little bulky, but, for winter, it's well worth the extra space it takes up. And, of course it's really inexpensive. A layer of 1/4" poly batting on BOTH sides of the pad might keep it in place, if it were just placed under the hammock in the SS, not sure about that.

    I don't notice any disagreable comfort factor. A night in my hammock is better than sleeping anywhere else, no matter what the "discomfort" might be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheTorch View Post
    Is there such a thing as cheap underquilts? I can't imagine paying more than double of what I payed for the hammock. Sigh.
    Cheap UQ = sleeping bag mod.

    Paying double for a good quality UQ? Absolutely and I'm saving up money for one. I had the opportunity during a group hang to use my pad one night and someone loaned me their UQ to try the next night. The difference was incredible. If I don't have to go back to a pad, I won't. I'm working on some DIY UQ's but after seeing the quality and attention to detail from some of the cottage guys on here, the UQ is worth it's weight in gold. Or down even. But, it always comes down to personal preference.
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    as always there is a triple of aspects to consider- cost /comfort /compressability
    pick your two favorites..
    (usually it is warm/light/cheap; again, pick 2)
    KM (who is forcibly reminded of the old Irish saying about things coming in threes...)

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    I think i might go pick one up. Im still not sure about WM or REI though. So, as stated above, one of the ways to stop condensation is to glue on some extra layers of material? Sounds cool anfpd it doesnt require much skill. And whats the deal with cutting pads? I could see it taking less space, but is there any other benefit?

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    CCF pads are quite simply, the most cost effective insulation system for either a hammock or on the ground. Doesn't matter if it gets wet, almost impossible to compress. A life preserver for $6. Without a pad, I wake up cold. With a pad, I sleep right through. Can't be all that uncomfortable really. If you're hiking on a budget (I am) then it's a no-brainer.

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    So the 24" waffle pattern is my best bet for the.. well.. awesomeness.

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