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    I think if we broaden the view a bit we can see this is the same for the other commercial hammocks. Most of us started out buying a commercial hammock (HH,Speer,Claytor, whatever). The ones that were intentionally made for 'camping' really had weight as a consideration. Well this kind of 'shortens' things up a bit. However, the comfort is still there!
    When you venture into the world of making your own, a whole new layer of comfort becomes obvious. It's like going from a Twin bed to a King. The both can be utilized but that extra space sure is nice
    So, I think the commercial manufacturers have realistic size, weight, etc. limits but for a certain level of comfort. If you want to sleep in the twin bed there are some excellent (and light) products available.
    Members of this forum that have been hammocking for awhile or explored many options tend toward the king size comfort IMO. The HH safari is MUCH more comfortable than the explorer ultralight, although I fit in both....
    So, in a way the HF community isn't the best 'gauge' for consumer use....
    We are the elite after all


    Quote Originally Posted by GrizzlyAdams View Post
    Don't know whether it has bombed or not, but there are other factors to consider.

    One is the word from the front from larger people that it is too small for them. The other is that HF is a relatively small group, at any given time it seems there are around 30 people that monitor activity consistently (at least the ratio of posts to views is about 30, which means that on average when a new post shows up about 30 people look at it). The demand from this segment may have been already satisfied.

    Finally, the Jacks are mostly appreciated in HF, part of the cyber-family. Just as Tobit doesn't want to to renege on his order of a tarp from Oware (not yet delivered) because he appreciates the small business the guy runs and the way he runs it, it is possible there are HF folks here who have ordered a bridge hammock, not yet received it, but figure they should stick with the order even if a less expensive alternative now is available. $62 is a lot to swallow for a principle, but I believe there are people here who would do that. Just as AngrySparrow turned his around on the cheap even though the Jacks said "you aren't happy with it, send it back". Which may be what you want to do...


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    Talking Got it!

    Thanks Coldspring - the Bridge hammock arrived in the mail yesturday. I'll test it downstairs before I venture out into the backyard (below 0 this weekend).

    So far all I can say is that it is in great shape, like new as you said. It seems quite comfortable with one quick trial, exept for the cold, but that is expected of course - I just need to experiment with my Big Agnes inflatable, and CCF pads that I already have while I drool over the underquilts that I could get someday. It looks like I will be competing with the kids to lay in it exept - for some reason - no one else wants to volunteer to try it out in the snow!

    This will be my first camping hammock, so I sure I will be asking questions of the forum. Thanks to Grizzly Adams and Fanatic Fringer for advice already.

    I forgot to clarify - Does the Warrenty from Jacks r Better still apply with me as a new owner? Also, I saw their post about their new weathershield that should be coming out soon. Not sure where/which forum to address those kind of questions??


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    Send an email or call JRB and ask them about the warranty.

    General Gear forum is good for the weather shield talk.
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