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    First test hang...some questions/thoughts

    So I did my first test hang last night and after playing around with the set up a bit the pictures show what I ended up with which to me "looks" the way things should be.
    Initially I was suspended from two pole about 12' apart and found that I had no tension at all in the ridgeline. By pulling the suspension tighter, I was able to get better RL tension but the hammock was about 40" off the ground, even too high for me.
    I rehung about 16' apart and that is what you see in the pics.
    I didn't sleep in the BB but did lay in it quite a bit. In the pics of me in the BB, if you look at the one with my feet apart, you will see a significant "pull" on the BB leading up to the strap connection. This created quite an obstacle for my feet once I put them both in the foot box. Should this "pull be happening?
    I'm guessing that the more distance on the points of hanging allows for a better set up than using close points.
    I tried using a MEC inflatable (same as a thermarest) pad with varying amounts of air and found it to be not bad but it did move around so I have to work on that.
    Hopefully tonight or tomorrow I will spend the night. BTW, it was very comfortable and my gf even thought it was nice and she isn't much of a camper and is starting to question my sanity over my hanging desires.
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