I bought the ENO DoubleNestlast summer and used it for the first time on a trip in the BWCA. I was sold. My girlfriend and I have passed several comfortable nights together in the Porcupine Mountains in it, and I used it every night for a month while working a political canvassing job that required me to camp in Northern Wisconsin for a month (that's right, they paid me to camp).

I know the WBBB is typically the hammock of choice on these threads but I love my ENO.

The most important mod you can make to your ENO, and I suggest you do it immediately, is in changing up the suspension system to anything but the carabiners and slapstrap system they sell you. It works, but comes with a lot of unnecessary weight. Look at the DIY threads and suspension threads here, and use a little common sense, and you'll be able to design a much, much better system.