I have been wanting to do this paddle for awhile now - and figure this week is as good as any for me (spring break weekend). I doubt the area will be too busy. This is near the 4C Trail and Ratcliff Lake where some folks did a hang last year around the same time, but there's a long distance between the put-in and the next access downriver.

Descriptions of the place can be found here.

Put-in will be at Hwy 21 on the Neches. We'll paddle downriver on the Neches to the downstream end of Big Slough, at which point we'll turn back upstream to return to the Hwy 21 put-in.

The route appears to be about 26.5 miles. IME, one could do that much in a day, but it'd be a long paddle. I'm thinking 1-2 nights out would make it a good trip. 2 might keep it nice to account for a slower time heading back upriver, and allow for some exploring in the slough proper.

This isn't a terribly well-publicized canoe route, because it's a rugged one and water levels can make a big difference. Spring is probably going to be the best time of year to avoid most downfall. This spring has been somewhat dry lately, so hopefully there's some rain to keep the water up.

Anytime during the week would work for me, but let's try to pin down a 3-day window to do this. Rain or shine, except for severe t-storms.