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Lot depends on how well they go together... if one restricts the other from full loft then you won't get a lot of gain...

First estimate take the send bag reating subtract it from 70, devide that number by two and then subtract it from the first bag rate for a combined value ex

Two 40 degre bags... 70-40 =30 devided by 2 =15 subtracted from other bag 40-15=25 for a first cut estimate of the combined bags... it may actually be better but probably not worse, so this works as a good conservative estimator, IMHO.

I found this in Articles; it's useful. However I had to read it 3 or 4 times to figure out what was being said because of the typos. I'm used to decoding ordinary posts, but I think articles could benefit from a little editing. It took me a while to recognize that "send" was "second". I think Pan's computer hiccuped and dropped two letters. The other misspelled words are easily recognizable. I think it should be clarified which bag is the first and which is the second. Which is inside the other, and why? If the bags have different ratings, you get different results if you change which one is "first" in the equation.
I'm guessing that with a rule of thumb like this there's much wisdom in Pan's caution in the first sentence.