I'd like to get some opinions on this.

When you combine two bags (one inside the other) how much does the combined temperature rating go down?

For instance is a 30 dereee bag inside a 30 degree bag equivalent to a 0 degree?

Specifically, I have the GG lightweight bag that was discussed on this list a month or so back (50 degree rating, I think) .I also have an Eddie Bauer Bag liner (a poly blanket with zipper). Then there is the poncho liner I just bought (I slept comfortably with just it last night.-- low of around 60 degrees)

What temp could I be comfy at with combos of those three items??

I'm still playing with gear to optimize overall bulk for a given temperature.

When I win the lottery, I'll buy down and be done with it, but until then--- the dance goes on.

Miles of Smiles