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    Quote Originally Posted by Rug View Post
    That is interesting. I was trying to avoid having to sew any webbing, but that method has some appeal. Although, and I haven't done enough hangs to know if this is really the case, I feel like there might be some benefit in having the webbing and the suspension lines be separate pieces. In that method, they are technically separate, but you do have to join them before you put the webbing around the tree. Even so, it completely removes any knots and the toggles from the system while retaining the adjust-ability of the whoopie slings. I'll have to ponder that.

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    I use that setup (with dutch-clips) and have found it very easy to do. The whole design lends itself easily to black-bishop bag deployment. (that is my next DIY project)
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    one idea that I've been kicking around that is similar to the OP's is to have WS made where the adjustable loop is threaded through a single descender ring - tree strap goes around the tree and is feed through a loop in the strap on one end or is connected using a Dutch clip - the other end of the strap attaches to the ring with a girth hitch - user can easily remove the strap from the WS if needed due to tree sap or whatever - there is no toggle in this setup since it does not use the marlinspike hitch - only disadvantage is the need to tie a girth hitch every hang unless using a Dutch clip - advantage is no toggle to break or lose and the WS stays attached to the strap while adjusting

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