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    Quote Originally Posted by schrochem View Post
    Brandon, is the warbonnet 10' long?
    scott, the tarp has an 11' ridge x 10' wide, my hammock hanging inside is almost 10' (couple inches shorter) with about 101" ridgeline

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    actually I was wondering about the hammock itself.
    I don't recall it mentioned anywere.

    Quote Originally Posted by warbonnetguy View Post

    scott, it's got an 11' ridgeline x 10' wide.

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    dood that's freaky you came back to that right before i posted.....

    sounds comfy

    "Man is a stream whose source is hidden."

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    yeah, i just happened to read over it again and something told me you were asking about the hammock not the tarp, musta been telepathy

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    That is very cool! Great work. What is the fabric?

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    you can get it at most outdoor fabric shops

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    Well, I ended up starting the project fully this weekend, however, the GG tarp just isn't big enough in the right directions to make this type of tarp feasable. So I ended up just making the cat cut mod to it, it's now a hexagon cat tarp, but I like it better this way anyway.

    I did however break out my original Youngblood replica that I built a couple of years ago and the subsequent Ubertarp, as well. After much head scratching, sketching and measuring I have determined I don't really need a winter tarp anyway!

    I mean, really, I live in Central Texas!

    As nice as it would be to have a cool place to hang out with a wood burning stove, I just don't think I would really use it. So, I have begun cutting up the Ubertarp to build my next hammock sock.

    But I hafta say, that is one fine looking tarp you have there Warbonnetguy! And I still have tarp envy...
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    hey, you got a cat-hex, you can always add the end panels later if you want.

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    So, how did this tarp work out? I really like the design. I have the Hennessy 10x11 poly hex fly and, while I like the size, I don't like the weight. I'm waffling between purchasing the Speer Winter tarp or making my own. If I were to make my own, I would like to try something like this (with your permission of course). I suspect that if I were to make my own, I wouldn't actually save any money but i would do it because of the satisfaction. I made two down quilts to complement my No Sniveller and I really enjoyed the process.



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    go for it, i don't mind

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