So I need some advice. I have a East German Poncho tarp(Zeltbahn). I love the rain pattern camo and the awesome durability for bushwhacking, even though its around 1kg. It folds out to be a 5ft square, with 7ft on the diagonal. It barely covers the ends of my claytor jungle hammock. So I was going to buy so 1.3 or 1.9 ripstop silnylon 2nds to make tarp doors for the ends. I wasnt going to do anything fancy just use a rectangular peice of fabric and close off the ends like in this link
except on a small diamond instead. I have some ruff measurements of what im looking for in terms of coverage.

Has anyone seen or made any of this style doors for a small diamond tarp?

any input appreciated. Ill post pics of the poncho over my hammock if need be