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    Question Newbie setup - input requested

    Hello all,
    I have finally decided on a WBBB double-layer 1.0 and a WB BMJ tarp w/ panel pulls.
    As a recovering tent guy, I have a Western Mountaineering Ultralite that I plan on using as a sub-45 topquilt (I have it, so no additional funds needed).
    I wanted to see what everybody's thoughts were on the following.
    For warmer weather I want to use the GG Thinlight 1/4" pad between the layers and the JRB Stealth as a top quilt. If the temp drops below 45, move the stealth to a underquilt (still using the pad) and pull out the WM bag.

    Thoughts, comments, suggestions on this?


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    Hey and welcome,

    Insulation is a tricky subject. What most of us end up doing is some testing in our backyards (or a nearby safe place) to see how our gear does. Then there's the sleeping cold or hot person. Meaning that all of us could test out the exact same gear and come up with different results.

    So, test your gear in different temps in a safe place (near either your house or your vehical so you can bail if needed).

    One word of advice... Something I've done, especially when I'm really tired and not paying attention, is to hang my under insulation to loose. This can cause even the very best insulation to not keep you warm. So pay attention to those air pockets under you caused by to loose fit of the under quilt.

    Have fun and happy hanging,

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    Depends on how you sleep. I sleep cool but the 1/4" Thinlight kept me cozy down to about 45*F

    My hiking buddy used the 1/4" Thinlight down to 27*F and was fine (some condensation issues though). He used a 0*F rated synthetic mummy bag
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