For comparison, I took a pic of a Nalgene bottle, my GT Ultralight hammock, Baby Orca UQ, and LHBR TQ.

The LHBR is a slightly larger, but extremely light weight in comparison. You can compress it quite a bit more than shown in the picture with out issue. It's shown in the stuff sack it came in. At 14 oz, I'll give a little space in my pack for it for sure! It only packs a fraction smaller than my JRB No Sniveler, at a 1/2 pound lighter!

With temps around 40 F, I took a short hike out and set up my GT ultralight hammock with Baby Orca IX UQ, Z rest pad, and slipped into my LHBR TQ. I brought my Kindle along to read a bit. I only got a few pages in when I was off on a nap. I woke about an hour later nice and warm, and well rested.

I am definitely pleased with the LHBR, and entire set up. Most assuredly a great 3 season set up! Don't know what else to say except I'm one happy hammock hanger!