I was hoping that the weatherman was going to hit his 33% correct rate last night - thunderstorms, wind, and cold. Well, he got the wind and cold right. I wanted to test out my kit in a thunderstorm before going up to Arkansas to do the Eagle Rock Loop in a few weeks and this seemed like a perfect weather set-up.

TtTTG Light Hiker
WB BMJ Spinn Tarp
HG 3S Incubator
GoLite 1+ season down quilt

Again, I can't say enough about the Light Hiker. This was my first overnight in the hammock, and it was great. I slept most of the night (10pm to 4:30am) in the fetal position on my right side with no discomfort at all. It does like to be hung quite a bit tighter than my WBBB.

I have a weird landscape in between the trees I can hang on in the back yard in that directly under the hammock the yard falls away steeply towards the house for about 3 feet. This makes it nearly impossible to get the tarp down close to the ground on that side of the hammock. (I think this is where my CBS issues came from - more later.) I spent some time getting the BMJ tarp set up exactly as I wanted. Full length ridge line under the tarp plus all corners and panel pulls placed guyed out exactly like I wanted. This set up, with the "shock absorber" guy lines made very little noise even in the big gusts. My tarp never woke me up, but my wind chimes did. I did not deploy the tarp doors because I wanted to check the tarp coverage in the rain without doors (didn't rain).

I shortened up the suspension on the Incubator a bit and hung it using the S-biner clipped to the whoopie above each gathered end of the hammock. I also have a length of 3/32" shock cord attached to the middle loops along both sides of the incubator. This will pull the middle of the quilt up closer to the hammock. The underquilt performed perfectly until the wind started up. With every big gust, I could feel the heat being pushed away. This is the first very windy night I've spent with the Incubator, and am wondering what I need to change to resolve this issue? Maybe tarp closer to the ground? Use the doors? Get one of 2QZQ's underquilt protectors?

The GoLite 1+ season down quilt was superb. When I finally got out of the hammock at 5:30am due to banging wind chimes and enough hot/cold/hot/cold on the backside, it was 44 degrees. I was wearing a thin UnderArmour heat gear t-shirt, a pair of boxers, and some short wool socks, and was perfectly warm on the top side. One night has sold me on the quilt.

I set up in the dark last night, so I didn't take any pics. I'll get out and take some after we return from the gym. I have a date with a pregnant spin class instructor who is perpetually mad and takes it out on her classes - she is trying to kill me.

Anyway, any advice on the wind/cold issue I saw with the Incubator would be GREATLY appreciated.