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    What am I doing wrong?

    Maybe I all ready know but let me run it by the pros. I have my BB hung from the ceiling in the basement. I did sleep in it last night for 4 hours but was not as comfortable as I could have been. There was a line under my knees that was not going to work for me.

    On investigation this morning here is what I noticed. My ridge line was more like a lose string hanging in my face. The suspension lines were at more of a 45 degree angle and not 25 like WB suggest. To get to 25 degrees I will need a ladder to get into it. Questions:

    1. is the ridge line lose issue being caused by the angle of the suspension lines?
    2. Is this causing the ridge under my knees that is uncomfortable?
    3. Can I make this work or do I need to build one of the hammock stands I see in the DIY section?
    4. Does the angle of the suspension lines determine how flat you can lay?

    If I can get a little more flat and get rid of or greatly reduce that line under my knees I think I am going to like sleeping this way.

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    I have never hung my WB from the ceiling, but I suspect it is not the best way to set it up, and the cause of your problems. I think you will need a stand.

    The only time I got the ridgeline to sag was when a strap loosened through a buckle.

    The line under your knee is probably related to the ceiling hang and the angle.

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    Without pictures, kind of hard to tell. Prolly cause you are hanging from the ceiling, but again, without pics,,,,

    Iv'e done that with no issues, the steeper (more vertical) the suspension, the more likely you will have ridgeline sag. So for me it took hanging my suspension about 30' apart, or maybe it was more, I didn't measure, but the house is only 40' wide, & I wasn't that far wide.
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    The ridge under your knees is an issue that has been discussed at length, here. I'm tempted to say it's an issue separate and apart from ridge line tension and sag angle, but that's probably not entirely correct. Suffice it to say, though, that knee ridge is a problem for many of us, no matter how the hammock is hung, and it's not unique to the WBBB.

    What works for me: little changes in where my butt is located in the hammock make a difference in my lower leg and foot comfort.

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    OMG kill me now. So I went to Menards to buy some 2x4s to make a stand. Hey they had a pretty good looking stand for $100 that was much more heavy duty than I could ever make. So why not?

    I set the stand up and it does not raise the hammock far enough off the ground. Whey I lay in it my rear is against the bar. So I tighten up the suspension so there is a zero angle. Still not off the floor and a big lesson learned. I am not concerned about the WB strap suspension system ever letting go. It was nearly impossible to loosen up again.

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    Yep, take it back and get the wood you need to build your own. I spent less than $35 for my entire stand, including hardware at Home Depot. I used 2x3's for the base and outriggers, though.

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    spread out your attachment points to 25-30 feet and use long straps/whoopies. you will be able to achieve a much more desirable hang.

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    Thanks for the help guys. It is getting better. After a nice salmon dinner and a jug of cheap wine I am making progress. I measured it and found I was exactly 15 feet. I moved it out just 3 more feet and things are much better. My line angles are 32 degrees ( yes I got out the protractor feel free to make jokes) and the ridge line is probably a little too tight but not bad. I also measured each side to make sure the hammock is dead center. When I lay down in it the ridge under my knees is nearly gone. I will try to sleep in it again tonight and see how it goes.

    This hammock really is well made and it only took 7 days from order until it was at my door. I think this will work out. I just need to get used to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by charadeur View Post
    To get to 25 degrees I will need a ladder to get into it. Questions:
    Thats your problem, to correctly lay from the ceiling with this hammock you'll need your hang points farther apart till you get to the 25 degree angle. My guess, you'll need to make a stand instead if you can't put eyebolts into your wall somewhere.
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    If the ridge under your knees bugs you still and you can't make it go away, put a pillow under your knees, and give that a go.
    Good luck,

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