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    I'm also looking for an UQ and have a question. I know a good UQ will stop me from getting cold but as the weather warms up are you likely to get too hot as well? Should a person have more than one UQ?

    This is new to me so thanks in advance for any advice / opinions offered.

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    JRB Option

    Quote Originally Posted by jeroldharter View Post
    I have tried various options for keeping warm in the spring without much luck so I am considering an underquilt. I have just started reviewing the threads here. Lots of information. So far I am aware of JackRBetter, LeighLo, and KAQ underquilts.

    I am trying to keep my backside warm in the 20's - 40's temp range. I have a Hennessy Explorer Deluxe hammock, modified with a zipper top entry.

    Please give me some advice as to the best option for warmth, fit with my hammock, and small stuffed size. Thanks.
    I have an HH Asym Expedition that was my fist hammock, all the way back in 2004. I have since in the years that have past had a 2QZQ zipper mod done to it. My first UQ that I purchased was the JRB Nest when I was using HH in bottom-entry mode. It's a great UQ, and I still use it regularly even though my HH is now in my hammock museum. If you ever want to have a need to use the HH's bottom entry mode, I suggest serious looking at that model. If you don't, or have sewn it shut, the Hammock Gear models are reputed to be tops (I haven't taken the plunge yet). In fairness, I have one of the original Speer Pea Pods, a Nest, a WB Yeti, and even a very old synthetic TQ that I got from Ed modified as an UQ for summer use. All work very well, depending on the season, my pack weight needs, and mood.

    Hard to wrong with any of the recommendations here!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeroldharter View Post
    The KAQ products don't appear warm enough for me and I would prefer down.
    I have a KAQ New River Deep Winter upgrade and it is blast furnace warm at the temps you give. The regular NR would probably suit you fine. Proviso...I am going to get an Incubator for moto camping and the NR DW will be used for car camping due to bulk. You did not say how you intend to use the quilt (backpacking, car camping, moto camp).
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    the KAQ is nice for the price can't beat a UQ for $125
    the HH SS is ok but it does not work for everyone ..some ppl love it and some had no luck with it so buyer beware
    honestly i would get a UQ ...this way you can use it on any hammock you like without any problems ... most ppl end up getting one so mine as well just take the jump
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    My KAQ fit my HH perfectly! I liked having the synthetic material when out in cold wet weather.
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