I found these forums after the first time I strung up my new Hennessy Hammock. I just thought, "There has to be a better way. I bet the internet knows." and it did.
Two nights ago I ripped into my newly delivered box of Amsteel and started on the fixed eye of my whoopie sling ... and failed. Everything I tried to use as a makeshift fid was useless. Yesterday I picked up a super-sized needle at Rite Aid as part of $3 needle set, and it was a whole, new ball game. Turns out it is incredibly easy once you find a workable fid-like device. First set went on my deck/daytrippin hammock.

Against all odds it seemed to hold my weight without slipping, and I expect some weight savings over my old suspension:

And considerably less rattling from my bike basket as I head out hammocking.

Thanks for the great resource.