This was my first, and only remaining, custom knife. I bought it direct from the maker, Keith Coleman, in the late 80's for $325. I'm not sure why a teenager would save that much for a knife, but I did. It's mostly been in a drawer or safe ever since. The blade has never seen any hard use. Handle is black linen micarta. Blade is a little over 8" and its about 13.5" overall. It's 1/4" stock that tapers beautifully to the end of the full tang. It's bead-blasted ATS 34. I've been a gear-run (like "beer-run") for a bit, and I'm not done.... but my wife is. I know that HF isn't the ideal place to sell a knife, but this way if it sells it sells, if not, that's OK too. I've got my eyes on a TrailDesigns Tri-Ti system, so the price is firm at $220. (Two hundred for the stove stuff and the extra to ship / ensure the knife). If interested post here first and them PM me. Thanks.