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    ENO suspension minus rope and carabiners?

    Howdy, new to the forum, just looking for a little further information.

    I have a ENO DN that I am looking to make about as light as possible (I realize it isn't ever going to be featherweight) and have seen a couple people mention removing the rope and carabiners at the gathered ends and simply threading a set of JRB tri-glide straps through the channel and then through themselves. This seems simple enough and cuts out the weight of the rope and biners, I am just wondering if there are any acknowledged downsides to this method. While I saw this method mentioned, I didn't notice too many people doing it, but I noticed a lot of people replacing the rope with a lighter version. I am just wondering if there is some sort of durability/usability issue that has to be taken into account when removing rope and biners from the equation.

    If this is addressed somewhere, sorry. I looked around and didn't see too much on this specifically.


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    Welcome to the forum.

    There's no problem with the webbing method you mention. It will work nicely, no durability or usability issues.

    Most folks that switched to whoopie slings (or UCR's) with tree huggers are trying to get away from the weight and bulk of webbing as much as possible. The Amsteel or Dynaglide cording used in those is much lighter/smaller than a like amount of webbing.
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    Chuckthose ropes and carabiners. You can replace them with 7/64 amsteel whoopieslings and link up to your tree straps with toggles or some nacrobiners. You can use a trail stick for toggles.
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