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Thread: Clark NX-200

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    Clark NX-200

    Selling my Clark NX-200 its in perfect condition it has the Vertex rainfly I have only used it once (just set up) never slept in it i bought it for 475 dollars and im looking to sell it for 400 shipping included 2 carabiners (rated for 6000 lbs.) included. PM me for more details. I bought it and my parents aren't happy with me
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    Clark NX 200

    What year is the hammock?

    Did you purchase it new?

    What is the 6000 lbs refer to as I couldn't find it on the Clark Website?

    Just to confirm, you set it up but never slept in it, right?

    Thank you

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    the 6000 is the rated weight of the caribiners he is using to hang it. They are used for mountaineering. Its how I hang mine, and they are very convenient.

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