I decided not to for go the ENO slap straps and opted for a more custom suspension. It was a nice day in southern Indiana and my webbing finally arrived from strapworks. So, I packed up the toddler and headed out to the park.

Things went pretty well initially. I guess I kinda used my 3 year old as a guinea pig, oh well if that makes me a bad parent. However, when I sat in the hammock there was so much stretch that I just sank to the ground... that's gonna be a problem.

I think the 3/8" polyester webbing I used between the toggle and the ring device was were my stretch was occurring. I opted fro the webbing cause it was flat and the garda hitch I used at the ring device wouldn't damage the webbing like it would amsteel.

So the Hoosier hang is coming up in about 4 weeks and I have to get this figured out by then. I have time to order something else and get it tested before then, but this time it pretty much has to work or I'm gonna be on the ground for the hang.