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I bought the same brand stuff from Tractor Supply Company, in a 32 oz bottle (10% permethrin) recently for about $18.00. About the same price as I paid for a 24 oz bottle of .5% Sawyer's at REI last year. The Sawyer's worked great and I hope the Gordon's will too, once I dilute it to .5%.

But I do have a question. Sawyer's does not say what the 99.5% inert ingredients are, but Gordon's does say "contains petroleum distillates." Those worry me more than the permethrin active ingredient. Don't petroleum distillates melt some synthetic fabrics?! Also, will it dilute well and mix well with water?

Rain Man

Thats a good question, I never thought to look at the inert ingredients, maybe the Sawyer inert ingredients are different than Gordon's???

Might be a good question to ask Sawyer!? As their response to me(which you saw) was that it was safe for the application to those fabrics! There was some discussion at one point about the degradation of fabrics from the application of Permethrin, so it might be plausible to say that it is the inert's that were possibly causing it??? All I know is I have treated almost everything with Sawyers and have yet to have a issue, also Cannibal has been doing the Sawyer treatment for quite sometime without issue as well!