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    Side Sleeper, ENO DN, Had trouble getting comfortable until I installed a structural ridgeline.
    Made a HUGE difference. Hammock was much looser around me and I could get the diagonal I wanted.


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    Try slipping something under your knees while on your back in the hammock. Worked for me. I have a little theory of why I side sleep at home. I think it's because I'm most comfortable with a slight bend in my legs at the knees. I can't get that while laying on my back. I found even though I can sleep somewhat comfy on my sides in the hammock, I slept more comfortable on my back with something under my knees. I'm going to try something under my knees in the bed to see if it makes a difference there also.

    Give it a try, who knows, it may work for you to.

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    I'm a full time side sleeper.

    In the hammock I sleep about 50% of the time on my back with my knees bent and the bottom of my feet together (legs sort of spread a bit). This is reasonably comfortable except I wake up with stiff knees. I haven't quite figured out if that's from sleeping that way or the hiking itself.

    The rest of the time I manage to get on my side. I think If I play with my slap on my ridge line I can make this a better fit.

    One thing I've noticed is that when I wake up on my side but haven't opened my eyes I literally cannot feel the hammock or my body till I move. Its as if I'm floating and have no sensation. No bed can match that complete weightlessness. Good Stuff.

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