I'm a noob that has been lurking here a bit. While there is lots of info in these forums, at the end of the day it appears everyone just got out and tried hanging and started tweaking their gear from there. Well, I'm not in a position financially to start buying a bunch of gear nor handy enough to start DIYing (yet) without a sense of where this is heading. I have two questions:

1) are there any members near Chicago's Western 'burbs that would be interested in either an organized hang or at least a disorganized afternoon gear try-out-a-thon?

2) Barring that, I'm a side-sleeper (can't sleep any other way) and 6'4", 250lbs: HH Explorer Deluxe sounds like a natural choice, but are their others for a big (but proportional) guy who needs to sleep on his side?


Oak Brook, IL