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    Smile I almost relapsed ..need 12 step program

    So I went into Wholesale Sports today looking to buy some more stuff for my BOB (Bug Out Bag) I knew they would have more of a selection of items then REI.

    Well I am wondering around picking up items and putting them in my basket and what not and I turn around a corner and there is a entire display of about 20 or more different Grand Trunk and Beyers of Main hammocks

    I start salivating and going through what I have in my basket that I can put back in order to buy yet another hammock The two hammock angels that are on my shoulders start yelling suggestives between my ears. "You don't need another hammock" "Yes you do" "No your saving up for a GT Nano" "Ok if you find a Nano buy it" "No you promised yourself that you would buy your newly converted dad a WBBB for his B-day." He fell in love with mine "Look this Beyer one is only 17 bucks" "keep looking for the nano, if you find it, use that 17 you would have spent towards it"......"Can I help you find anything sir"..."huh" (as I shake myself out of a drunken scare..."er uh, no," I was just surprised to see you have hammocks here." "Ya we started carrying them this spring" "that's cool...I'm a member of a hammock forum called ...... dot net, and a hammock hiker." "Oh really how do you do that" "well you see blah blah blah, whoopie sling, blah blah blah, Dutch Biners, blah, blah, blah, UQ, TQ, blah blah blah with the Nano, blah blah blah base weight 5 pounds, blah blah blah." "that sounds cool, nice talking to you, let me know if I can help you with anything else." "ok thanks" Now that I have been shaken out of my internal battle, I take a few more glances. "no Nano OK I'll stick to the plan."

    Of course on the drive home I came up with an excuse to buy the 17 dollar one. Gonna get it for my dad and put some whoopies on it and just use some webbing with descender rings. He's on vacation for a month visiting his sister in West Virgina. I figure I can send it to him and he can set it up where ever and use it when he wants. That way he gets even more used to the idea of hammock camping/sleeping.

    And If can get this one car done on Monday, I'll order the GT Nano.

    Man I need help. I am supposed to be saving up for my Europe Trip.
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    I miss my 4.8Lb base weight as a ground dweller...But I sure DON'T MISS the ground.

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    I went through this same thing about a month ago when I bought my Nano. I picked it up for $50 with free shipping off of ebay. I love it. And like someone told me before, it's only an addiction if you seek help.
    Visualize whirled peas.

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    Poor worker! I often have to remind myself people are not as obsessed with hammocking, or backpacking, or nature for the matter, as I am - this is why I am here.

    Hi my name is gRaFFiX and I am a hammocker....
    Those who expect disappointment are never disappointed.

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    Thanks for reminding me, I need to get a GT Ultralight!


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