Greetings from Sonoma County in Northern California

Many thanks to Shug and Griz for sharing so much through video. Many thanks to Hammock Forums and all the members for providing the ecosystem that launched them and for the awesome knowledge base.

I’ve had an ENO double since 2007 and only used it for about a year. I only used it at work hung from single point so that I was lying cross-wise instead of lengthwise. My commute was about 6.5 hours roundtrip and I needed the naps.

In March of this year I was updating my emergency preparedness kit and purchased some camping gear from Costco. That reminded me somehow of my hammock and I googled “hammock camping”. Shug’s youtube videos popped up; amazingly informative and entertaining. He pointed me to Griz. They both pointed to HF and finally I went there. WOW! DIY heaven! I sold a bunch of hobby stuff on craigslist and eBay, got my thread injector into the repair shop and got busy.

Yesterday I hung for the first time using my DIY tree straps, my DIY whoopie slings (only thing more fun than saying “whoopie sling” is making them) and my DIY whoopie sling adjustable structural ridgeline (did I say that right?). I’ve ordered the materials for the DIY IX UQ and hope to finish that project by May. If only the noseeum mesh was in stock I’d have the materials for my DIY bug net too.

I probably would only be a lurker to HF except for a desire to express my gratitude and willingness to share my experience from a big guy’s perspective. I tip the scales at 350. It’s why I have a ENO dbl, they guaranteed a 400# rating.

Hanging for the first time from the spider web of amsteel was fraught with anxiety; everything creaking and settling, but after that passed… what a sense of ease and floating… awesome! My goal is to take up backpacking with a hammock and to do a three day trip somewhere in the sierras in early fall.

The only other thing I might have to contribute is my experience with Vibram Five Fingers shoes. My main daily footgear is a pair of VFF KSOs. I also recently purchased a pair of VFF KSO Trek’s for hiking. I did a very short 3-mile trail and they were extremely comfortable; no blisters, hot spots or pinching. I look forward to ramping the distance and difficulty in the coming months.