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    Fixed loop size for a Hennessey whoopie?

    OK, so I just cut two 13'3" lengths of amsteel for my hennessey whoopie slings. I have the bury figured out to about 4.5" on the fixed end and an 8" bury for the adjustable side. Do these numbers sound right?

    How big should the fixed eye be?


    Should I do the adjustable loop after the fixed loop is attached?


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    Been there, done that. I made the fixed eye fairly small, maybe an inch to inch and a half in diameter. I then followed the instructions to replace the factory suspension, replaced the cone shaped cloth cover then saw where to end my adjustable bury and made the adjustable loop.

    Hennessy Hammock Whoopie Sling Conversion

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    I got my Hennessey slings made and installed last night, finally.

    My problem was is that I made way more out of it than need be, therefore confusing and second guessing myself. I took a few minutes last night gathered all the info I had found here and on your tube and something clicked. Had them done in no time. I used some doubled over wirefeed welder wire for my fid. Worked great!!


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