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    HIp belt connection

    new question about pack construction:

    How does the hip belt connect to the pack body?

    No one has close up views of this part of the pack that I can find,

    I found reference the belt passing through a casing.

    I found references to hook and loop.

    I always thought you just sewed them on, but I guess not.

    What does the collective think is the "best way" to do this?


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    On the Moonbow Gearskin the hip belt is sewn on a roughly 3x4 inch area in center of back.

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    Thank You, HOI.

    If it's good enough for Moonbow, it's good enough for me.


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    Trouble in paradise!!

    My order from Military Surplus came in, without the straps. No mention of the straps, as to backorder or shipped separate or cancelled.

    I was thinking of Springer Mountain, but with no pack??? All I have is two small day packs. Can't carry 15 pounds of gear plus food in a day pack.

    Could I get to the Springer camp area with a day pack and a big sack or would the "commute" kill me???

    I may cobble up some straps from stuff I have on hand. 1 1/2 inch straps , blue ccf pieces from an aborted SPE experiment and cloth from my first hammock.

    What the hell!! It might work for a while.


    PS the M1949 sleeping bag came too. It feels warm, but it's a brute!! 6 pounds (not bad. My synthetic down bag weighs 4 1/2 pounds) but lots of bulk.

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    You could wear one as a front pack and park at the nearest parking lot.
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    progress report

    Adversity builds character.

    Since I have no "store bought" straps, I made some. I found some 1 1/2 nylon webbing. fabbed up pads out of ccf and polyester cloth.

    Pestered my upholstry friend enough to get the heavy sewing done this afternoon.

    picture of it

    In the pic it has two sleeping bags in it. no ccf pad, which will give the entire assembly some rigidity.

    I tried to take a side picture in a mirror, but it came out poorly. It shows that the pack falls away from my back, which leads to the next question:

    About the top straps. Where should they attach?

    I'm leaning toward connecting at the very top on the flap. As I understand it, these straps are intended to pull the pack against your back. The weight is then supported by the hip belt. If that's the case, higher is better. Do I have this right??

    Awaiting further instructions, I remain


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    ahh now I understand the question from Sgt Rock's forum - yes connect the two strap as high as possible on the back flap and as high as possible on the shoulder harness - top of the shoulder when wearing the harness. Moonbow puts the adjustment buckle at the top of the shoulder for easy access while wearing the pack.

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    thank you so much.

    When you are as ignorant as I about the lingo of a sport, it's hard to phrase the question so it is understandable to those who know.

    Now I can finish.


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    Quote Originally Posted by teblum View Post
    with 10 miles behind and 2000 miles ahead, the buy decision would be easy to make.

    It's kind of like hand tools. A professional mechanic needs high priced snap on quality level tools. A home mechanic can use harbor freight quality level.

    Imagine being in North Maine with a disintegrating pack!!

    Now there's a nightmare.

    Or imagine how cool it is to sew your own stuff correctly, with appropriate materials, and use that pack for 2000 miles!

    The Gearskin is an awesome pack, and I'd recommend it to anyone. I'd also recommend sewing your own gear if you have the time and inclination.

    I've sewn 2 gearskins so far. The first (my own) took about 10-12 hours and came out OK. The second (for the ladyfriend) took 8 hours and came out much better. I may revamp a few things on mine from what I've learned, but it's good to go as is if I wanted to leave on a thru-hike tomorrow.
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    No argument, Johnny.

    With the following qualifications:
    A first homemade pack with several trips behind it.
    A second effort, incorporating what you learned in the first.

    Practice makes perfect (or closer to)

    Picture of current status
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