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    Using a Maccat with a Hennessey asm.

    When using a MacCat and a Hennessey hammock, how much room is there to tie out the sides?

    I tie out pretty far to give the widest spread and if that is not possible, use a trek pole to tie out and then down.

    How is everyone doing this with a MacCat?

    This must not be too much of an issue given the MacCats popularity, just wanted to know before ordering.

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    This is my set up. There is ample room for the sides to tie out and be under tarp if that is what you mean . I set up with the poles on one side in porch fashion. When I'm under or need work space I'll undo one tie out on the hammock and hook to the other tie out stake, this holds the hammock to the back and gives room under the tarp. Maybe I don't understand what issues you think you may have. I don't have any complaints on this combo.
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