Thanks for replying back about the tree straps. I ordered a set of carabiners from Brandon when I ordered the 1.0 (i). I'll just use the black straps for now, but I will be replacing them...I have a camping trip next weekend, so for now the black will be used.

Reason I don't want black straps is that black is the worst color when it comes to night vision equipment.

I have been researching on this forum for the past few days and saw that strapworks site...I'll be ordering some polyester webbing from them and finding someone locally to sew the loops for me.

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Munchie: The tree straps have a single fixed loop on one end. They're not like the slap straps ENO sells. I think people generally use a carabiner or Dutch clip in the loop to secure the strap to itself around the tree. Alternatively, you can thread the webbing back through the loop, but that's a pain to do every time because you'll have to take the straps off the buckles.

If you really hate the black straps, you can get polyester straps in all colors and patterns from Strapworks. Very good service, although the webbing is somewhat heavier than the straps you'll get from Brandon. I have straps in black and white argyle.

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