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    I'm leaning towards a reschedule as well at this point.

    5/28 or 6/4 would be great. I work weekends usually but i know I'm off then. :-D

    Looks like we have a nice handful of people in the area, some of you guys may have met at other hangs before. The closest I've come so far is Gunner's son lol.
    Looking forward to putting faces to names as its pretty cool this hobby has such a big fan base in the state.

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    If it's still happening tonight let me know, I would be a late arrival but still interested. Just shoot me a PM

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    Merchant's Millpond is also a great place to camp out and has one long trail.

    One of my wife's favorite state parks
    Frosty Butt Hang Jan 2015 .................. Fat Butt Hang April 2015..........Hunger / Halloween Hang Oct 2015 ..................... Free Hammock Classes

    I am 18 with 44 years of experience !

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