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    Just got a WBBB, what is my next step

    Hello there,

    I am pretty new to this forum. I love the outdoors and saw an article about hammock camping and then a link to here and was amazed at the whole world that exists of this different type of camping. I noticed that the Warbonnet sounded like the most popular on this forum and and so ordered a 1.7 double-sided. It arrived recently and now I'm wondering what else I need. I just have some carabiners. It seems like whoopie slings are popular but I don't really understand anything about hanging up hammocks although I'm excited to learn. What is the most user-friendly, durable and light-weight system? Thanks in advance for any help

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    I see that your from Regina, SK

    Welcome . . .

    'cept you'll need a couple of trees . . .

    You got any of those in Saskabush . . .

    Really welcome.
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    Hey zumboggo,

    Congratulations on your new WBB hammock purchase! I'm sure you are going to enjoy it.


    Step 1: Get out there and start using it! Try out using the straps first because they are easy to use and you will need a bit of practice getting the hang of the the correct sag and pitch of the hammock to find the sweet spot for laying/lounging and sleeping in.
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    i've tried every suspension.
    if you ordered the webbing suspension... i'd start there.
    no knots, no slings, no spikes, (no fun)

    i'd just watch brandons set up video where he covers webbing suspension.
    its the easiest, maybe not the lightest by an oz. or 2, way to hang the hmmk.

    slip a pad between the layers, or if you're pockets are stacked, get yourself an underquilt. any vendor on HF makes excellent products.

    **oh, and congrats on the wbbb. thats one fine hmmk.


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    Whoopies or Straps

    Did you get the WBBB with the cinch buckles? If you did, that is probably the simplest suspension available. Use your biners on the sewn loops to make attaching them to trees quick and easy. You can switch to Whoopie slings down the road after you've gotten everything else.

    What you will need is a tarp for weather protection and top and bottom insulation. Since you got a double layer, try a regular sleeping pad, a Thermarest or CCF pad for your bottom insulation placed in between the layers and use an old sleeping bag as a top quilt. Many vendors here offer top quilts and under quilts and they can get expensive if you go with down. Synthetic quilts are less expensive but a little heavier and do not pack down as small. You can use any waterproof tarp to start. The cheap blue tarps are perfectly fine but if you are going to backpack then silnylon is the popular choice. Again many vendors here offer a variety of tarp sizes to suit your needs.

    Your Blackbird has a structural ridgeline (SRL) which when used on a hammock gives you a consistent sag. Ideally you want your hammock suspension to be 30 degrees from horizontal to your attachment points on the trees. If you happen to set it up less than 30 degrees, the SRL will keep the sag the same. The sag is important to allow a diagonal and therfore flatter and more comfortable lay. If you haven't already, check out Brandon's video on how to set up the WBBB. The principles apply to other hammocks as well.
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    welcome to the forum. With the boreal forest north of you you'll have great opportunities for camping in all season's and have lots of firewood for your future wood stove. You have a good hammock and it works just fine with its original suspension. Now you can focus on a Tarp and then insulation. All the information you need is on this site . Also check out Just Jeff's "to the woods" site and Shug's 10 part video series on "hammocking for newbies" if you haven't already seen them. Good luck
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    Quote Originally Posted by zumboggo View Post
    I am pretty new to this forum. I love the outdoors and saw an article about hammock camping and then a link to here and was amazed at the whole world that exists of this different type of camping.
    Welcome aboard!

    Where did you find this article? I noticed there was one in The Backwoodsman not too long ago but didn't recall there being a link to here in it.

    My $.02, no need for the whoopie slings. I just use the stock suspension that Brandon supplies and it works fine for me.

    I would suggest a tarp, an underquilt or ccf pad, and a sleeping bag or top quilt. If the nights are warm where you are you can hold off on the underquilt or pad and use nothing but maybe a light top covering until fall.

    You also are going to want some tent type stakes to stake out the sides of the Blackbird and a tarp if you get one.

    Good luck and good hanging.

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    Thanks so much. That's really helpful. I hadn't even noticed how easy the suspension that came with it was. I have a tarp and a thermarest so I should be ready then for most summer camping.

    The article I read was here

    and then I started searching more about hammocks and found this site. I couldn't believe how much freedom they provide and how light they are. Thanks for the friendly jibes about no trees . Haha, people always ask "Oh you're from Saskatchewan, do you live by the tree?" I'm sure I'll find some nearby .

    Thanks again for the suggestions.

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