Now this isn't exactly hammocking, but I thought I should pass it along. I know there is a group here that goes there a lot. I went to RRG, KY a little over a week ago and I think I got the Big G from it. I didn't do any overnighters or drink any water from a source since the Mt Roger's Campout. So I'm pretty sure it is from there.

Most of the water I used was from the Rock House just past the backside of the Indian Staircase. I also got water once in the walk up from the trailhead. I am not sure of the trailhead, but it was about 4 miles into the backside of the stairs. I treated most of my water, but dipped and sipped at least once from both sources.

Just thought I would throw that out there. But if you want to find out whether your water treatments works, this would be a good real world test.