So my nx250 arrived today. Bought it used off the forums here.

Man I was excited to set it up, unfortunately it was raining today, but that just gave it the real outdoors flavor

I wish the tree straps had multiple hook points on the strap. The hammock had whoopies pre-installed, which I augmented with a carabiner. It made set up super easy, but I had to do thinks kind of strange to make the length right.

I used the carabiner as a jump ring between the tree strap and the whoopie. Is that a common way of doing things?

I accidentally setup up with a big cross breeze, and the hammock kept flipping over and blowing like a kite. A nice lesson learned for the future, but I just tossed some stuff into the pockets and it was fine.

I was so scared to sit in it for the first time! I was sure I was gonna just rip it to shreds, but it held me up just fine

How taught should the roof be inside? Maybe I didn't hang with the correct tension, but I was expecting the top to be much tighter than it was (like a tent!) but it was droopy and billowy. Not hanging in my face or anything though.

I couldn't figure out how to hang the fly. Is there any connection between the fly and the hammock? Or does it just tie to the tree on its own and then to tie off points on the ground? Do I just tie from the grommets on the ends with separate lines? Or should there be a ridge line that makes the "crease" in the fly?

I got a compression sack for the hammock, and it shoves everything down to about 1/2 of the size with just the stuff sack! they should add compression straps built in!

Im very excited to use it in a full excursion soon!