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    Quote Originally Posted by Dice View Post
    This is a very good question and I will echo the others in saying that it comes down to personal preference. But, I will also throw in my opinion. If you find yourself prone to claustrophobia, even a little bit (which you may not even know until you've slept in the hammock), you will want to move up to a larger size. I originally bought the HH Expedition and I am right at the height limit like you are with the Scout. I couldn't stand it. My first night was terrible, I almost bailed because I felt so closed in. That was a new experience for me as I have never thought of myself as claustrophobic before. But, at the upper limits of the height suggestion, you will find that your head will be pretty far up into the end of the hammock and your face (at least in my case) will be right up against the bug net. I tried it a couple of nights and was getting better, but then I tried my buddy's Explorer and it was WAY roomier for me. I upgraded.

    So, there's my $.02. It is a personal preference thing. Some are okay with the closer quarters, some are not.

    Welcome to the family! No matter which way you go, you will love your hammock.

    Happy hanging!
    Thanks...very good info for me...I am claustropobic (tell the truth...did you have to look up how to spell this? I did)...I had an MRI done last week for a back problem and...well...let's just say an MRI machine almost ended up on my hospital bill...

    I will try the scout first though...I am having no doubts that I will love hammocking though. I have been following Shug Emery for a while and others...I think its for the right, my son may ended up getting a hammock if it is too tight..he wanted one before me...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knotty View Post
    I've got a couple of Scouts, an Expedition and an Explorer. IMHO the Scout is for Kids or small adults. Many adults who weren't comfortable in their Expeditions upgrade to larger hammocks like the Explorer or Warbonnet Blackbird for good reason.
    Yeah....the WARBONET BLACKBIRD is the one I think Shug Emery uses...that's the one I said I would get last year when I was tossing the idea around...

    good info...i couldn't remember...blackbird...thats it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by shadowangel View Post
    I got a Safari a year ago, and they included a free Scout. Gave the Scout to the wife, who is rather petite in size and weight. Thought it would be fine, but even she had some issues with it feeling a bit confining, and she was a little less than happy with it. We decided to set it aside for our kid someday, and I bought a Warbonnet Blackbird. I sleep in that, and she sleeps in the Hennessy Safari.
    dang...that doesnt say a lot about the scout...when they just give them away with the purchase of larger ones...ha

    anyone need a warbonnet reviewed? haha..

    Guess I will start my shopping...

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