finally got my new Big Mamajamba for Brandon at Warbonnet out today and strung up in the middle of the Black Hills for the first time, and was finally able to use my tarp flyz from Dutch too, man are they slick, my girlfriend has figure 9's and this is only the second time she has used them and here quote was "you gotta get me some tarp flyz"

anyways here's a few pics of the day, snow was still pretty deep in spots, fell through to my waist on a couple of occasions 6'3" mostly only knee deep though

this is just a mod i did to her trekking pole, found a small compass and recessed a hole in the cork handle so it would sit flush
this was the view from the kitchen table for lunch
mms_picture (1).jpg
not a bad view from the porch
mms_picture (2).jpg
the BMJ on it's initial hang, gotta say, "love this tarp" thanks Brandon
mms_picture (3).jpg
the gf's hennessy hyperlite underneath my (now hers) hennessy asym that came with my explorer ultralite
mms_picture (4).jpg