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    SOLD: - Caldera Ti-Tri w/ Ti .75 L UL Pasta Pot

    SOLD Pending Funds
    Trail Designs Caldera Ti-Tri and Evernew .75 L Ultralight Pasta Pot (ECA521). Lightly used -- discoloration due to use burning wood.

    Ti-Tri includes the following: (Description at: )
    New w/Floor cost - $90

    * Titanium Ti-Tri Cone (Will fit any 3 5/8" Dia. Pot)
    * Titanium Gram Cracker solid fuel/esbit stove kit
    * 2 titananium stakes for wood burning mode
    * Titanium floor, ground protection when burning wood
    * Aluminum 12-10 alcohol stove
    * Fuel bottle w/ measuring cup
    * Caldera Caddy

    * Anti Gravity Gear Cozy for Caldera caddy New cost - $15 plus shipping
    * Anti Gravity Gear Stuff Sack for Caldera caddy New cost - $12

    * Evernew .75 L Ultralight Pasta Pot (ECA521) New cost - $50

    Total Cost new $167 (Plus 2 shipping charges)

    Sell everything for $120 (plus shipping)

    $95 w/o the pot

    PayPal, "Personal, Payment Owed: preferred
    [moderator's note: Please do not use PayPal Personal for selling goods and services... thank you.]
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